Cake Serving Sizes

This is a guide to the number of serves each different cake size will deliver so you can determine what cake size you need for the number of guests at your special event.


Note that there are two types of cake serves 1) Dessert Serve and 2) Coffee Serve.

Celebration Cake Sizes

Bearing in mind the serve sizes above, here's a list of CraftyChic Cake sizes and the number of servings each round cake provides.

5 Inch Cake

9 Dessert Serves or 18 coffee serves

6 Inch Cake

14 Dessert Serves or 28 coffee serves

7 Inch Cake

18 Dessert Serves or 36 Coffee Serves

8 Inch Cake

26 Dessert Serves or 52 Coffee Serves

9 Inch Cake

30 Dessert Serves or 60 Coffee Serves

10 Inch Cake

38 Dessert Serves or 76 Coffee Serves